Sweet Science!


Today in Class 7 we have been exploring and creating different types of rock. We did this by using Starburst sweets, brain power and strength! We’ve had lots of fun building, squashing and eating the rocks we created. Brooke said, “It was a fun Science lesson using the starburst!”


Igneous Rocks:

Igneous rocks are made when magma cools down, we don’t have any magma and Dulcie rightly said it would be far too dangerous in school, therefore, Mrs Johnston heated up some starburst until they melted and we waited to see what happened as they cooled down.


“I liked the igneous rock because when Miss Kiddy dropped it on the table none of it broke and it was really hard.” – Henry


Sedimentary Rocks:

Sedimentary rocks are created by lots of layers settling on top of each other, we imitated this with our sweets by stacking them up and squashing down the layers using our hands, although this got a little sticky and Rebecca didn’t like that part!

Sedimentary 5 Sedimentary 4

Sedimentary 2Sedimentary 3

“I liked it when we did the layers because I did a circle and it was like a little Stone Age clay pot.” – Francesca


Metamorphic Rocks:

Metamorphic rocks are created by lots of pressure, even igneous and sedimentary rocks can be turned into metamorphic rocks due to the intensity. Therefore, we decided to transform our sedimentary rocks by squashing, pressing and rolling our sweets into a new shape.

MetamorphicMetamorphic 4

Metamorphic 3Metamorphic 2

“Making my metamorphic rock was good because I made a marble one.” – Emma


Class 7 have enjoyed another fantastic Scientific afternoon learning new things! Having starburst made our learning extra sweet and both Karl and Lucas liked the taste of the rocks!

“I liked when we made rocks because they smelt good and tasted even better!” – Lucas