The Daniel McAdam Award 2022


The Daniel McAdam award is awarded annually in remembrance of Daniel who will forever be in our hearts at Archibald. You always knew when Daniel was heading your way as he could be heard humming or singing as he moved around school, and if you were having trouble with an iPad, you could count on Daniel to help you solve your problem. Daniel was a resilient and determined young man who approached life at 100mph and ALWAYS with the biggest smile on his face.  

In line with Joanne, Mick and Joe’s wishes (mum, dad and big brother), each year the Daniel McAdam award is presented to a member of Archibald who has overcome adversity 

This year the Daniel McAdam Award goes to a young man in our Year 3 cohort! 

He is a member of our school who we have watched thrive over the last year as he has grown in confidence and developed his relationships with those all around him.  There have been times when this young man has found dealing with and processing his own emotions quite tricky. Through his own hard work, he is now able to use the strategies which he has learnt and he can do this all by himself.  

It has to be said that the staff working alongside him are so very proud of him. In fact, when we asked the staff for nominations for the award, this young man’s name was shared by many before being resoundingly agreed on by all. 

We all encounter events which evoke a range of emotions and so many of us take it for granted that we can recognise the emotion we are feeling, know how to process this and are able to verbalise how we are feeling. Many of young people find this difficult, and we work with our families to support our young people to navigate their world of emotions as best they can. 

We cannot wait to see how this young man continues to grow as he moves into Year 4! 

The Daniel McAdam Award goes to Jayden. 

Jayden, we are so very proud of you!