Year 2’s Amazing Aquatic Adventure!


On Tuesday, Year 2 were feeling very excited. We had been waiting for this day for a very long time… we were going on a school trip! After not being on a school trip for quite some time, a few of us were a tad nervous, but this all changed when we found out exactly what we would be up to.

When we arrived at school, we put on our bright, yellow bibs and red bands that would help to keep us safe. Then it was time to board the big, white coach. The trip to the aquarium felt like quite a long drive but we were just so excited to get there! The coach was very lively with excited chit-chat and games such as I-spy. Eventually, we arrived at Tynemouth Aquarium!

At the aquarium, Miss White paid the lady at the ticket office and then we split into smaller groups. Class 6 went off to explore whilst Class 5 started their workshops. There was SO much to see, but a few of our favourites included- red belly piranhas, clownfish, razer fish, starfish, seahorses, sea turtles, sharks, lionfish, eels, stingrays, and even monkeys! The reason the aquarium has monkeys is because this species is endangered and they want to help ensure that they don’t become extinct.

Another experience that we enjoyed whilst exploring was the seal show! It was a brilliant show and we loved watching the seals doing tricks and having races. On our way to lunch, the seal was waving to us from under the water!

During our trip, we completed two workshops. One workshop was an Rockpool Encounter where we got to handle starfish and learn all about how rockpools are formed. The other workshop was an Eco Experience and we learned all about plastic pollution. We were all shocked to learn that there is 8.6 million tonnes of plastic pollution in our oceans! We spent some time learning about the important labels on our plastic items so now we know exactly how to recycle them. Did you know, if we put one wrong item in our recycling bin, the WHOLE binload ends up in landfill rather than recycled? This made us very sad and has encouraged us to check our recycling!

We had a brilliant day out at Tynemouth Aquarium. The children and the adults learnt lots and are now ready to look after our planet even more than before!