The School Nurse comes to visit Year 1


The School Nurse came in to see Year 1. She taught us all about teeth!

We learned about what we use our teeth for, healthy foods to eat, what happens to our baby teeth, going to the dentist and how to brush and look after our teeth.

Liam- “If you drink fizzy pop it makes your teeth rot!”

Poppy – “I learned that your teeth can go black if you don’t brush them.”

Rotten teeth

Emma G- “I know about cavities and that sugar makes cavities”

Ashton – “I learned that you brush your teeth for 2 minutes.”

This is to make sure we get every germ!

brushing your teeth

“It is important to brush the backs because the sugar like to hide there.” – Sophia and George.

Theo- “She told us not to rinse out our mouth because it gets rid of the toothpaste”

We read a story about brushing your teeth and trying to not get black teeth. It was about Kipper and his family. Dad didn’t brush his teeth properly at the end!

dentist 2 dentistA visit to the dentist!  Open wide!


When we go to the dentist, the dentist will always:

– look in your mouth with a mirror

– count your teeth

– check to see if they are clean and healthy

– ask to see you again in 6 months