Teddy Bear Hospital in Year 1!


Today in Year 1 we had some medical students from Newcastle University in to visit. We all brought in our favourite teddy and we went to visit their teddy hospital.

We found out all the different parts inside our body and looked at how to keep our teeth healthy. We explored lots of medical equipment and we helped make some of our poorly teddy bears better. We also had great fun getting super messy so that we could practise washing our hands to get rid of all the germs.

Inside our body  the fun part!

listen to his heart what can you hear? good brushing clean now! speeding up and slowing down our heatrate how to keep your teeth healthy

Thank you so much to all the medical students who came in to help us today. It was great fun and we learned a lot!


“I liked getting the paint everywhere best” – Jack W

“Sometimes you can get cavities if you don’t look after your teeth” – Sam

“I liked listening to my teddy’s heart”- Lola

“My teddy had a poorly tummy but lots of cuddles made it better”- Maisie