Tudor-tastic Times in Year 3!


In Year 3 we’ve had a brilliant start to the term by finding out all about life in Tudor times. We think you might like to find out more about some of our terrific Tudor projects!

In Class 8, Maisie brought in her project which was a Tudor Banquet. She had prepared for us a starter, dessert and a drink! We even all had a scroll to show what was on the menu!


Maisie told us that in The Tudor times they did not used to drink water because it was full of germs. Instead, they drank wine and beer!

“I thought it was amazing and I really liked all of the meals.” (Izzy)

“The food was really really good!” (Annabel)

” I thought the pottage was really nice.” (James)

Meanwhile in Class 7, Otto brought in his project which was a very impressive ducking stool! It was used in Tudor times to find out whether people were witches or not. We all thought it was fantastic!


“It took two hours to make and I did it because that was the most interesting thing I found out about when we did crime and punishment in literacy.” (Otto)

All of Year 3 have been finding out about Henry VIII and have produced some wonderful portraits of him, wouldn’t you agree?



“Henry liked to look fierce in paintings so people would think he was powerful.” (Emma T)

“Paintings of Henry make him have wide shoulders so people will think he is strong.” (Anna)

Check back soon to find out more about life in Year 3!