What should we plant and where?


Year 1 have had a fantastic start to Summer Term, with our topic, ‘Roots, Shoots and Juicy Fruits!’

Our term started with a giant beanstalk growing between the two classrooms and a letter from Jack asking for our help.

We spent some time learning all about plants and helping Jack to understand the basic needs for living things, and what plants need to grow. We even planted and cared for our own beans – some are now 90cm tall! We had lots of fun measuring them.

Jack was so impressed with all of our hard work that he left us a gift – lots of vegetables and flowers to plant in our very own garden (thank you to The School Seed Company for their kind donation!). The only thing we needed to do, was plan and decide where to put all these amazing plants!

We worked hard to design our own magnificent gardens with vegetables and flowers. Mrs Turner thought these were excellent, but suggested some criteria that we needed to follow. So, we edited our own ideas before heading out to complete some fieldwork around the school grounds and find potential plots.

We identified three possibilities and then discussed these as a group, ensuring the decision would work for everyone at Archibald. We were then able to explain our decision in writing before heading out to plant in the best location!

We are so proud of our plot and we cannot wait to harvest in the Autumn Term!