Year 3 love being Young Leaders!


Year 3 children have thoroughly enjoyed their topic this half term which is called Gosforth Gets Green – We’re Young Leaders! Pupils have explored the importance of teamwork through a tricky cup stacking activity, the key of communication via the walk of trust and even explored how to help the global community by having a go creating their very own charity logo and slogan! With these leadership skills in hand, Year 3 then took to the streets of Gosforth to see if they could help make our local community an even better to place to be. After the children had a board meeting (complete with a vital biscuit to increase productivity!) there were MANY wonderful ideas. Letters to councillors, litter picking and snazzy posters are just some of the great ideas on the go as decided by the brilliant young leaders of Year 3. Watch this space for more!

Lots of children have even shown excellent leadership skills outside of school as part of their home project. Pupils have carried out litter picking in their local area, planted flowers, cooked tea for their family and even made origami to send to their neighbours to put a smile on their face! This half term Year 3 children really have helped Gosforth Get Green and they truly are Young Leaders!