Year 1 by Class 4


As part of our ‘It’s good to talk’ topic, Year 1 are communicating in lots of different ways, including blogging on the website.  In this blog, Class 4 will share their favourite parts of being in Year 1.

“I like making models using the Knex”, Oliver Class 4

My favourite is working with my teacher and playing outside, Agnes

My favourite was playing with my friends, working, going in the ICT suite and getting my photo taken, Alex.

My favourite bit is playing with my friends, Elizabeth and Brandon

I like it when we go outside, Connor

I like doing Artwork, Darcey

My favourite bit is playing games in the ICt suite and getting a book from our school library, Fergus

My favourite bit is learning, Laquita.

I love EVERYTHING!! Ruby H

I love learning new things, Danny

I like Everything about Year 1, Freya.

My favourite part is going on the computer, Freddie

I like Hometime! Rosa

I like playing outsidse with Ruby, Lola

My favourite bit is playing outside with my Friends, Izzy and Art
Post Office

I like posting letters in the Post Office, James P

I like lunch, Jame S

I like going in the ICt room and doing number, Hannah

New Things

My favorite is learning something new, Lanie

My favourite was meeting the animals, Lilly.

I love Literacy, number and going outside, Ollie

I liked the Pet shop because I liked the animals. I am sure the children in rEception will like it, Esme.

I like playing with my friends everyday, Gonca

I like making models of bugs, Evan