Ready to Blog by Blogging Club


Today Blogging Club met for the first time.  We thought about what we will blog about.  Some of our ideas are:


Ginger experiments ( Beth)

Stone Age Drama Day ( Poppy)

Learning about pets ( Ben R)

Science experiments (Emma and Jamie)

Plant experiements (Dominic)

Shadow experiment (Tahmeed)

Big foot Days- Hansel and Gretel and Witches and Wizards ( Amy)

Tag Rugby in PE ( Finlay)

Chocolate Week ( Maliah)

Swiming ( Evie and Martha)

Visit from an Archaeologist ( Edie)


These are some of the blogs you can look forward to soon.

67 children signed up so Year 1 and Year 3 will begin next week,  with Year 2 and Year 4 the week after.

Look out for our first blog next week.