Year 1 meet Matilde, the medieval lady


Yesterday, Year 1 had a visitor from the past.  Kindly funded by the PTFA,  Tanya Bentham came to see us.  She was in the role of a medieval lady called Matilde.

She told us all about people in Medieval times, and the weapons that they would use. In Medieval times, there were no TVs or iPads, so for entertainment Matilde told us an old story about an ogre who met King Henry. The ogre was very bossy and kept telling King Henry what to do so that she could become a beautiful princess! Matilde showed us lots of different helmets and weapons. She explained that lots of rich people came from Normandy and they spoke French.



Matilde was very funny because she used lots of funny voice and said, “BURP!” – Daniel.

I liked when she burped.  It was very funny and LOUD!-Theo P

I liked when she pretended to throw King’s Henry’s animals in the air and ate them with one enormous GULP!- Josh

I liked the bit when the ogre/princess scared King Henry by saying I want to marry you because I like to boss boys around-Oliver.

She showed us how rich and poor people dressed in the Medieval times-William.

The rich people only spoke English to tell the poor people what to do, and to boss them around! – Thomas and Edith.

We learnt that everyone wore very baggy underwear-Francesca.

Rich man

I liked when I dressed up as a rich person.  I like when the lady pulled out the sword and threatened to chop Archie’s hand off. She did not like the poor people hunting the king’s deer.  -Henry.

Check out my outfit

The outfit was very scratchy! There were two layers on top and a hood. I got very warm! – Archie.

Henry and Edith dressed up as rich people. We knew they were rich because they had colourful clothes that were soft and would not hurt their skin. They also wore sparkling jewels. – Demi and Iona.

Henry wore a belt to attach his sword or knife because he had no pockets. – Deacon.

Maltilde had clothes for us to try on. Archie and Izzy were dressed up as poor people. Edith and Henry were dressed up as rich people who would live in a castle. – Luke.

Poor girl

I liked when I dressed up as a poor person.  The clothes were very scratchy-Izzy.

Useless sleeves

My costume had purple diamonds, and very long sleeves that were useless! They only had these sleeves to prove they were rich and so that they did not have to do the washing up! – Edith.

Red was a very expensive colour. The rich people would have worn red, and fastened their clothes with an expensive brooch. – Tobyn and Edith

I learnt that if you were poor you lived outside of the castle-Rebecca

Matilde attacksAttack! Our brave knight

I liked when the lady and Adam had a fight with his shield and sword-Emma.

I liked when Matilde demonstrated some of weapons on Adam , the knight!-Tom

The chainmail was used to protect the knights in battle. It was made of metal and it was so heavy that we had to get Adam from Year 4 to wear it! Adam also tried on the bucket helmet to look like a real knight! – Iona and Tobyn.


Bucket Helmet

I liked when she demonstrated how to kill people with the hammer-Lizzy.

Trying on the helmetShowing off your coloursDemostrating the spear

I liked when we handled the artefacts.  They were very heavy!-Ben W.

Matilde showed us lots of weapons from Medieval times. She showed us a spear, a sword, a war hammer, and lots more! – Dylan.

She showed us different shields that the Normans had. There were different pictures on the shields to show where people came from and who they were fighting for.  – Daniel and Charlie

Please note all children survived with all limbs!

Thank you to the PTFA for paying for this visitor to bring our topic to life.