Year 1’s teddies get a medical.


On Wednesday Year 1 brought their teddies to school so they could take part in the Teddy bear hospital workshop.  Lots of medical students can to help make us less worried about going to the doctor as well as teaching us about clean hands, clean teeth and how to keep healthy.


I enjoyed making my teddy feel better-Isaac

I liked it when were learning to wash our hands-Tom

I liked when we were putting the food in the box-Jack T

I liked cleaning the big teeth-Wiliam

I like making germs using paint-Theo P

I liked when we did the exercise-Izzy.

I liked where the doctor painted our hands and learning about how to wash our hands properly-Emma

I liked when we made our animals better!-Sophie

I liked when we were washing our hands with the paint on-Henry

I liked brushing the big teeth-Ben W.

I liked bringing my teddy to school with me-Jack S

I liked when we were making our teddies feel a lot better-Rebecca.

I liked when we made our teddies better-Emily.