Year 2 Fire Safety Survival Guide!


Being safe is very important especially when it comes to fire! That is why Bart the fire-fighter came to give us some tips.  There are five important steps to follow in an emergency.

1 – Stop and close the door to stop the fire spreading.

2 – Shout fire as loud as possible.

3 – Leave the building.

4 – Find a safe place to wait.

5 – Call 999 and ask to speak to the fire service.

img_1564 img_1571

‘Matches and lighters never touch, they will hurt you very much’ – Iona.

‘It was so much fun looking at the fire-fighter costumes’ – Jinfan



‘Watching everyone dress up was so funny, especially because all the clothes were far too big!’ – Dulcie.

‘Don’t ever ever ever play with matches’ – Tom.

‘You have to shout fire as loud as you can if a smoke alarm goes off’ – Tobyn.


Theo and Isaac were the loudest shouters of all!