Year 3 Summer 2 – Week 3


Hello wonderful Year 3!

We hope you’ve had a lovely week at home. Thank you all so much for sharing your work with us. We always look forward to seeing what you’ve been doing on the Archibald Facebook and Twitter pages! All the effort and enthusiasm that we have seen from you really does put a huge smile on our face! All of the staff think that Year 3 are doing truly excellently!


Here is Emma reading Chapter 12 of The Land of Roar. I think we can all agree that she has done an absolutely brilliant job!

If you would like to do more reading at home then these FREE sites are very useful. Oxford Owl is for ages 3-11 and allows you to choose e-books based on your child’s book band level.

Oxford Owl

Reading Eggs is an award winning online reading programme for ages 2-13.

Reading Eggs


In literacy, we are continuing with our work on The Great Kapok Tree. This week, we will be writing our very own persuasive letter. Below, you will find the lessons and accompanying worksheets.


Recap on features of a persuasive letter

Planning your own persuasive letter


How to write a persuasive letter


How to write a persuasive letter and include extra information


Characters viewpoints in the story


How many words can you learn from the statutory spelling list? Here is a spelling mat with all of the words on. Maybe you could try to learn how to spell five words that you think are rather tricky!

Have a go at one of these crosswords. If you scroll down you will find lots of versions and some that even give you the first letter as a clue!


We are continuing our work on fractions. This week we will order, add and subtract fractions as well as solve problems. There are four lessons that each have a downloadable worksheet. The accompanying videos for each lesson can be found via the weblink below or by downloading the video weblink document.






Can you solve these addition and subtraction word problems?

Jenny has £5.61. She spends £2.33 on a present for her brother. How much money does she have left?

Leroy collects stickers. He has 321 in his bedroom, 437 in has bag and 36 in his sock drawer. How many stickers does Leroy have altogether?

A lorry driver called Kevin has a 541 mile journey. He stops after 324 miles for a rest and a hot chocolate. How many more miles does Kevin have to drive?

Sally has two 50p coins, a 20p coin, a 10p coin and a 2p coin. Her twin sister Molly has five 20p coins, two 10p coins, two 5p coins and a 1p coin. How much money do they each have? How much do they have altogether?

PSHE (Monday)

Watch this video which looks at the book – ‘Where Happiness Begins’. We’d like you to think of all the amazing places where you’ve found happiness, similar to the shelf in the story on the first page. What could you put for labels on your jars? They could be people, places, activities or anything that helps you to find happiness!

You can use the sheet below to label the jars with what makes you happy. Why not add pictures to your sheet too? If you prefer you could use plain paper and draw your own jars to label!


This week we would like you to be great geographers by locating the rivers and seas of the UK. Have you visited any of these rivers? What do you notice about these rivers?

Now, we’re going to look at how you use map symbols and co-ordinates. This should build on the previous learning you did in week 1 looking at the BBC bitesize videos. In this lesson we’d like you to answer the questions on the attached sheet.

GEOGRAPHY (Wednesday)

Could you follow the video which Mrs Nisbet reads to you and complete the attached comprehension questions?

SCIENCE (Thursday)

Here is a fun investigation based on light and shadow! Watch the video to help you to investigate how the distance between a light source and an object changes the size of a shadow. You will need a torch and a ruler to help you complete the attached table.

ART (Friday)

Have a go at this art tutorial which will help you to draw a sloth. Not just any sloth… a sloth who encourages everybody to be kind! After all, being kind is what life is all about isn’t it?

PE (Weekly Challenge)
Hopefully you have received a letter via email informing you about the Active School Championships. Your challenge this week is to share an exercise on the app each day; who can submit the most challenges? 
App: TopYa! Active

Unique School Access Code: 22155

We still miss you all every day and are very proud of everything you are achieving. When you we get to see the amazing work that you have been doing it home it makes us very happy indeed! Keep up the brilliant effort and we can’t wait to see you again! Lots of love from the Year 3 Team x