Fee-fi-fo-fum I smell… the Year 1 children!


Hello everyone!

Our new topic ‘In the Garden’ is now well and truly in full swing! How are your mini meadows getting on? Have you had any pollinators, such as bees, visit your garden or outdoor area? 

Thank you for keeping us up to date with the fantastic activities you have been completing through Facebook, Twitter and email. The understanding of instructional writing features across Year 1 is amazing and you certainly know how to give out clear, simple orders! 

For Phonics this week, please use the following login on phonicsplay.co.uk:
Username: march20 
Password: home 

Please follow the information to access online reading books. These range from Pink to Turquoise level and are therefore suited mostly to Early Years and Key Stage 1 children.
Please see the colour book band your child was reading prior to Lockdown. As a general indication:

Nursery – Pink
Reception – Pink to Yellow
Year 1 – Yellow to Orange
Year 2 – Orange to Turquoise

Children should show a real depth of understanding through comprehension and retell, finding word types and show an understanding of punctuation, as well as reading fluently with suitable expression.

Log in by going to: Collins Connect

This is a generic account to be used.
Select Archibald First School
Enter the first letter of the last name: A 
Enter day and month of birth: 1 1 
Enter year group: 1

Other access can be through Oxford Owl
or Reading Eggs:  

Oxford Owls goes up to Dark Red book bands. You can also select by phonics phase. Reading Eggs is the multi‑award winning online reading program for children aged 2 to 13.

Marvellous Monday 15th June 2020.

Funky Phonics
Practise these sounds: ay, ou, ie, ea 
Tricky words: oh, their, people
Task: Play Buried Treasure on Phonics Play using the graphemes above (ay, ou, ie, ea) 
Apply: Read and Draw!
Do not delay unless you want to stay all day. 
Will you see clouds in the mountains? 

Lovely Literacy
Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum! This week, we would love to share the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. This is a traditional tale that many of you will have heard before; if this is the case, we wonder if there are any differences between the version you have heard before?

You can access the BBC Resource Pack for the week here: Resource Pack
Alternatively, you can draw your own version in your lovely home learning books that lots of you have created over time.

Weekly Challenge 1: Five Magic Beans…
Use Resource Sheet 6 in the Resource Pack to practise identifying questions and write more of their own. 

Now You’re Flying… Try to use a variety of question words – who, what, where, when, why and how…? How many questions can you create?

Magical Maths
The White Rose Maths Team continue to prepare a series of lessons for each year group. It looks like this.

We also recommend BBC Bitesize, as there are free opportunities to practise the White Rose lessons with different activities and worksheets. The dates marry up exactly.
Video: Measure Mass
Lesson 1: Measure Mass

Already covered the above content?
Alternative Lesson 1: Sort 3D Shapes

Super STEM
Well my super scientists, what does a plant need to grow?
Watch: What a Plant Needs
Use the template attached to show us what a plant needs to grow and stay alive.

PSHE – My World, Your World
Can you discuss the meaning of this story?
Watch the story here:

PE – Weekly Challenge
Hopefully you have received a letter via email informing you about the Active School Championships. Your challenge is to share an exercise on the app each day; who can submit the most challenges?
App: TopYa! Active
Unique School Access Code: 22155


Terrific Tuesday 16th June 2020.

Funky Phonics
Practise these sounds: ay, ou, ie, ea 
Tricky words: oh, their, people
Task: Play Tricky Word Trucks on Phonics Play
Apply: Read and Draw!
She replied that her cat had been found.
We sit on a seat and read books near the sea. 

Lovely Literacy
Weekly Challenge 2: Beans for the Birds…
Recap the story. Use Resource Sheet 7 in the Resource Pack to draw Ma’s face before and after she finds out.
Write some sentences to describe how she feels. Can you use ‘because’ to really show me your understanding? Remember capital letters and punctuation.

You can recap the clip needed for this lesson here.

Magical Maths
Video: Compare Mass
Lesson 2: Compare Mass 

Already covered the above content?
Alternative Lesson 1: Sort 3D Shapes

Super STEM
Good scientists make predictions. Can you remember what a prediction is? It is a sensible guess, drawing upon everything you know, in order to help you decide what will happen. This week, we are going to carry out an experiment to see how a plant grows best. We already know what a seed needs to grow – who can remember? Water, sun, nutrients and air. What do you think might happen if we remove one of these important things? Can a seed still grow? We are going to set up an experiment to find out how a seed grows best. In school, we will plant 4 beans and put them in different environments to see which one grows best and stays healthy. You could join in at home or watch the progress on Twitter.

Can you look at the sheet attached and draw your predictions?
Will the seed germinate a little? A lot? Fully flower? Not at all?

PSHE – My World, Your World
We hope you enjoyed the story yesterday. Today, can you use the attached sheet to think about similarities and differences? Remember, there are No Outsiders at Archibald!


Wonderful Wednesday 17th June 2020.

Funky Phonics
Practise these sounds: oy, ir, ue, aw 
Tricky words: Mr, Mrs, looked, called, asked 
Task: Play Picnic on Pluto on Phonics Play using the graphemes above (oy, ir, ue, aw) 
Apply: Read and Draw!
Can you annoy a boy? 
Is your birthday the first or third?  

Lovely Literacy

Weekly Challenge 3: And the beanstalk grew…
 Use Resource Sheet 8 in the Resource Pack to draw some ideas for Jack’s dreams. Write 3-5 sentences to describe the dream. You may need extra paper in order to apply your best handwriting and spacing.

You can recap the clip needed for this lesson here.

Magical Maths
Video: Introduce Capacity and Volume
Lesson 3: Introduce Capacity and Volume

Super STEM – The Great Outdoors – Terrific Trees!
Today I’d like to introduce some new vocabulary for you. Can you follow through the attached PowerPoint to learn some interesting facts about trees? It also has an activity for you to carry out!

PSHE – The Pantasaurus!
This week, we should have had a visit from the NSPCC. With this in mind, we would like to share their important song with you.
Advice for parents/carers can be found here.

Watch it here: The Pantasaurus.

Have a chat about the PANTS rule:


Thinking Thursday 18th June 2020.

Funky Phonics
Read for pleasure by accessing the reading sites at the top of the blog.

Lovely Literacy
Weekly Challenge 4: And he went higher…
Use Resource Sheet 9 to write down Jack’s feelings at different points on the beanstalk as he gets towards the top. Think about the different things that he sees as he climbs, such as the chimney and the clouds. 

Using additional paper, can you turn these notes into full descriptive sentences to create a diary entry?

You can recap the clip needed for this lesson here.

Magical Maths
Video: Measure Capacity
Lesson 4: Measure Capacity 

Terrific Topic – Creative Curriculum – Art/DT
Now that you have learned all about trees, we thought we’d get creative with all the different leaves you have explored this week. Can you go on a nature walk and collect some leaves that have a strong (embossed) stem/vein to help you create some Salt Dough decorations tomorrow?

PSHE – Pantasaurus
Can you remember the PANTS rule? Attached you will find some pants to decorate whilst discussing the rule.


Fabulous FriYAY 19th June 2020.

Funky Phonics
Read for pleasure by accessing the reading sites at the top of the blog.

Lovely Literacy
Weekly Challenge 5: The castle in the clouds…
Use Resource Sheet 10 to write a brief description of what it is like at the top of the beanstalk. You could add to the images on the page to show the things mentioned in the episode, such as the hare. Describe each noun they use with an adjective, such as swirling mist. 
Now You’re Flying… Can you write in role as Jack to turn the comic strip into a new entry for your diary?

You can recap the clip needed for this lesson here.

Magical Maths

Lesson 5: Family Challenge Friday (Q1 and 2 aimed at age 5-7)

Always, Sometimes, Never?
Miss White says, “The tallest glass holds the most water.”
Can you investigate this at home using different size glasses and a measuring jug?

Terrific Topic – Creative Curriculum – Art/DT
Today’s the day to create your Salt Dough creations! See the attachment to help!

PE – Let’s Get Physical!
As you know, we were meant to be working with James Morgan from the Northumberland Cricket Board over a series of lessons improving our hand-eye coordination, throwing and catching skills through various cricket activities.

This week, we will be sending you a video from the ECB with a batting challenge to complete. Miss White had her first batting lesson with Coach Freddie last week – it’s not as easy as it looks!

ECB Challenge

Or… alternative challenges if you do not have cricket equipment in your house. You can continue to practise your Dynamic Stretches:  

• Strides – stride forward bending both knees at same time raise clasped hands above head x5 forward/backward  
• Heel stand – stride forward with front straight leg & heel only touching ground reach with both hands to below knee x5  
• Hurdle strides – exaggerated high and straight leg x5 forward/backward  
• Squats – feet apart squat with upper leg parallel to ground x10 arms across chest, x10 arms out in front  
• Skipping strides – high knee and across swing arms x5 forward/backward  
• Sideways skip – lifting and lowering arms x10 in each direction  
• All fours – on hands and toes run forward/backwards x10 each direction  
• Heel taps – jog across hall touching heel with right/left hand 


Magnificent Makaton
Hello from your friends! We hope you enjoy our video; we worked very hard on it.
Keep an eye on Twitter for this week’s Sign of the Week!

Just because!
We know some of you are up to date with White Rose Maths. Please find up to date documents attached. Videos can be accessed here: video links

It has been great to see your many talents shining through over the last number of weeks. Please continue to share via Facebook and Twitter, as it really makes us smile! We may ask you to forward some things on to our homework email so that we can safely access and use these for school creations. Thank you for your understanding.  

Have a wonderful week everyone; we can’t wait to see what you get up to!