Year 4 Summer 2: Week 3


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Hello Year 4! It was so lovely to catch up with all of you fabulous  ‘Home Learners’ last week, and hear all about what you’ve been up to. We are so impressed and proud of your achievements. Keep up the very good work and we will be in touch again soon. In the meantime, we will continue to provide you with some tasks to be getting on with. Don’t forget that you can share any work with us via the school Facebook page or email the school homework page. You can also send in photos and news so we can see what you have been up to.

Literacy | Petersburn Primary School, LCSC & nursery

Literacy Sessions

Please try and read for 20 minutes each day.

This week we will be continuing with The Great Kapok Tree.

Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest (Rise and Shine ...

Please find lessons and resources below for each day. This week you will be planning and writing your own persuasive letter from the point of view of one of the animals. You will write your letter from a rainforest animal to the man in the story, giving reasons as to why the rainforest should not be  destroyed. We will follow the structure of plan -write -edit.

Day 1  – Lesson 1: Planning – Today you will use the planning sheet below to map out your ideas; you can record your ideas in note form; use the prompt sheet to help you.

Day 2  – Lesson 2: Letter writing – Today you will use your notes from yesterday to write your persuasive letter. Look at the model letter to give you some ideas and follow the success criteria to help you.

Day 3: Lesson 3: Editing – Finish your letter then edit to the success criteria (just like we do in literacy lessons at school). Once you have completed your letter, highlight sections to show where you have used persuasive devices; there is a checklist of persuasive devices attached too.

Challenge – if you whizz through the editing task, you may wish to have a go at this comprehension based on persuasive texts. 

SPaG Display Title (teacher made)

Day 4: Lesson 4: Pronouns – work through the powerpoint below on possessive pronouns then have a go at the attached worksheet.

Day 5: Lesson 5:  Direct / indirect Speech – this lesson will recap what we’ve covered this year on direct speech punctuation. Work through the powerpoint then have a go at the attached activity.

Alternatively, have a go at some of the following activities:
http://Spelling Games.

This is an extra activity for all Harry Potter fans out there! Here is a link where you can sign up to see different celebrities reading the Harry Potter books. Chapter 1 is read by Harry Potter himself!
Below you will also find a special letter and some fun activities that you may like to dip into!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (film) - Wikipedia

Next week, we will begin a literacy unit based on the story Mr Stink, by David Walliams. It would be lovely if you could have your own copy of the book to read at home too.


The following websites can support with reading at home. Access can be through Oxford Owl
or Reading Eggs:

Oxford Owls goes up to Dark Red book bands. Reading Eggs is the multi‑award winning online reading program for children aged 2 to 13.

Maths Sessions

Remember to keep practicing your times tables! Have a look at some of the fun games on the sites below. Don’t forget to use Times Tables Rockstar too – let’s see who can learn those table facts!

This week will be all about subtracting! Attached are worksheets and PowerPoints for you to work through. You can complete your tasks with someone in your house or you could have a go independently.

Day 1 – Subtracting no exchange

Day 2 – subtracting with one exchange. Here is a video to demonstrate how to exchange!

Day 3 – Subtracting with more than one exchange

Day 4- Efficient Subtracting

Day-5 Estimating

Here is an extra challenge for you:


See the source image

Lesson 1:
This week we are going to find out a little more about the rainforest. Look at the attached powerpoint  ‘layers of the rainforest’. Complete the attached sheet, drawing and labelling where the different creatures can be located. 

Challenge – write some riddles about the creatures and animals that can be found in the different layers. e.g.
I like to slither around trees.
I live on the forest floor.
After I eat my prey, I rest for one week.
What am I?

Lesson 2: This lesson will focus on deforestation.  Look at the following powerpoint about protecting the rainforest.

Have a go at completing the sheet ‘deforestation effects’ – sorting statements into the correct place on the table – ‘positive and negative impacts’.

Challenge– create a poster to show the importance of the rainforest. Can you use some of the persuasive techniques from our literacy work? See if you can create a slogan too!

Lesson 3: Art – This week we are continuing with our work on Henry Rousseau. We would like you to create a rainforest picture using collage. It can be an interpretation of ‘Tiger in the Jungle’ or just a rainforest scene. You can use a range of materials such as different types of paper or even use leaves and twigs too. Think carefully about the techniques that you will use and ways in which you will overlap to create different colours and effects. Look at the pictures below to help you.

3-D Rainforest Henri Rousseau Art Pictures | Teaching Resources
Rainforest jungle display. KS2 art. Jungle Fever. | Rainforest ...
the art photo : Art History: Henri Rousseau Jungle Collage


Following on with materials, Here are two worksheets for you to complete

These are experiments that you could do at home! Could you try melting and freezing objects yourself?

Attached is a short clip and a quiz that you can have a go at!
Challenge – have a go at creating your own quiz about materials, you could include work covered on Changing State too. Include as many scientific terms as possible!

Melt or Freeze Experiment - Science for Kids

Additional Activities:

See the source image

Spanish – Have a go at these activities to recap and revise your Spanish skills; this week we will be focusing on colours.

PSHE: It’s National Smile Month! Have a look at some of the activities below.

See the source image


This half term, we are going to be focusing on Athletics.

Which sporting events can you recall that feature in Athletics?

What do the 5 rings mean in the Olympic symbol? Could you have a go at creating your own?

What is the difference between a marathon and a sprint?

This week we are going to be focusing on the running events! Have a think and research the London 2012 Olympics on Youtube. I would like you to pick an athlete and create a fact file about them. This could be the famous Usain Bolt or Mo Farah.

When you are out and doing your daily exercise, if you are running, could you compete in the 100m sprint? We would like you to measure the distance that you run. Now this could be done with your parents and you could count how many laps you do in your garden. It is completely up to you! Remember to keep doing your daily exercise and stay safe!


PE- Weekly Challenge
Hopefully you have received a letter via email informing you about the Active School Championships. Your challenge this week is to share an exercise on the app each day; who can submit the most challenges? 
App: TopYa! ActiveUnique School Access Code: 22155

See the source image

Online Safety
Read the information, watch the video, and then create your own poster, including tips on how to stay safe online.
Complete the Online Safety Quiz

See the source image

Useful Websites:

We Miss You | Miss you cards, We missed you, Miss you