Year 3 Summer 2 – Week 4


Hello totally terrific Year 3!

We hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves over the past week. There has been lots of impressive work taking place at home and thank you if you found time to share it with us. It really does make us feel very proud when we can see what you’ve been doing on the Archibald Facebook and Twitter pages! All of the staff think that Year 3 are doing absolutely brilliantly!


This week we are in for a real treat thanks to Oakley who is reading Chapter 13 of The Land of Roar! We can certainly all agree that Oakley has done an absolutely fantastic job!

If you would like to read a chapter then please contact us and we will be happy to put you on our blog too!



If you think that two thought bubbles isn’t enough then why not add some more to the side? Teacher tip: if you do add more speech bubbles then try to make sure every sentence doesn’t start with ‘I am’.





Today, you need to really use your imagination! Look at the picture on the worksheet and see if you can write a paragraph based on the questions. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers so let your creativity run wild!


This week we are looking at angles and types of lines. There are four lessons that each have a downloadable worksheet. The accompanying videos for each lesson can be found via the weblink below or by downloading the video weblink document.






Can you have a go at these column addition and subtraction calculations? If you are feeling confident, then why not have a bash at the two challenges as well?


This week we will be trying to locate the hills and mountains of the UK. There are ten areas on the map that you have to find using an atlas. The attached worksheet also has a bonus challenge!

ART (Tuesday)

Here are some ideas we’ve used from an artist (Sarah Farooqi) who created this picture of St Mary’s Lighthouse.

We’ve uploaded two sketches and a final picture of St. Mary’s Lighthouse. You can print sketch 1 and add your own creative ideas or print off sketch 2 and add your own colours. Or perhaps you’d like to use plain paper and make your own print of St. Mary’s Lighthouse? There is also a postcard template you could use for your art. We then thought you could also post your creative postcards or cards to family and friends. This would certainly brighten up their day!

Here is a print that Mrs Nisbet received as a gift. It is another brilliant artistic way to showcase one of our famous landmarks. You could use this as inspiration for your postcard by adding a rainbow to any famous landmark of your choice!

SCIENCE (Wednesday)

We have been learning about light sources recently and lots of you already know that the sun is a light source. What are some of the benefits of the sun? How does it help us? Although the sun is vital to life on Earth, it can also be dangerous. Which of these statements are positive and which are negative? Can you think of any more?

Your job is to create a sun safety poster. What advice will you give to those that read your poster? Remember when making a poster you need a balance of writing and pictures. Why not try a large title that will catch the attention of the reader? Your poster should have all the information needed to help people stay safe in those hot summer months!

You can use plain paper or this colourful seaside border sheet!

PSHE (Thursday)

This week is School Diversity Week. Watch the video of the story Mixed which was written by Arre Chung. Now, your task is to create your own character. What will their name be? What colour will you they be? Perhaps, they will be more than one colour! What shape will they be? How many arms, legs and eyes will they have? What does your character enjoy doing? Who is in your character’s family?

Everyone in Year 3 is full of creativity. Perhaps you could send your character to us so we can see how diverse they all are!

You can use plain paper or this jazzy rainbow border sheet!


Can you think of any famous landmarks in the North East? How many? Now choose one to investigate. You could try The Tyne Bridge, Grey’s Monument, The Angel of the North or any other landmark that you can think of in the North East! What can you find out about it? Use books or the internet to find facts. You could draw the landmark and write facts around it. Or, if you prefer, you could use a computer to insert an image and type what you have discovered. You could even use your computing skills to insert images, colourful text and even a snazzy border!

If you want to research The Angel of the North then you could try this website.


We miss you all every single day and are very proud of everything you are doing. When you we get to see the fantastic work that you have been doing it home it makes us very proud! Keep up all your wonderful effort and we really can’t wait to see you again! Lots of love from the Year 3 Team x