Year 3 Week 5 – Kindness All The Way!


Hi Year 3!

This week there is a lot happening which we would like to share with you! It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme this year is KINDNESS! You are without a doubt all incredibly kind and we look forward to finding out all your special acts of kindness this week. We’ve been so impressed with the wide range of creative ways you’ve shared your learning so far. All of your videos, reading, writing, art and so much more have all been truly excellent!

Here are some websites you might want to look at with your family.

This has also just been released free online and there are some lovely short stories about hope. Which one is your favourite?


Here are our new school rules for you to look at. Please remember that we all miss you at school but the most important thing is that you are all safe and healthy.


On Monday 17th May, it was National Children’s Day!

We would like you to try and express in words or pictures how you feel about the world! You could capture it in photographs a piece of art work or another creative form? You could even have a go at creating a rainbow from photographic images!

Here are some ideas for you:

PSHE (Mindfulness)

We’ve being trying to think of how we can live in the present and enjoy the moment more. Each night in the Nisbet household, we try and think of something new to do. This week we’ve been listening to an audible book whilst colouring in. We’ve also been discussing what makes us happy and we loved these quotes on the video.


Please keep logging onto TTRockstar Here are some new times tables games to try if you fancy something a bit different. (Try the venn diagrams)


If you follow this link, it will take you to the BBC website where you will find lessons, videos and worksheets on fractions.

Problem Solving

Here are four problems where you will have to use a range of your numeracy skills to solve them!


Here is the next chapter of The Land of Roar! It’s been so lovely to hear that some of you have been chatting to each other about our story! It certainly is an adventure book… some nights you’ve just got to keep reading to find out what happens next!

See if you can follow my activity idea on the video…

Following on the theme of kindness, we’re taking some inspiration this week from a short film which some of you may have seen!

Here is the song of hope…

“I have a dream, I hope will come true, that you’re here with me and I’m here with you. I wish that the earth sea and sky up above, will send me someone to lava.”

What are your hopes and dreams? Could you write your own short story about two characters? How could their paths cross? What could help them? Remember the theme this week is kindness. What could happen which brings your characters together? You could try and include the above song in your story but change the words?


Could you turn your story into a comic strip using this online comic strip creator or change the story? You might even want to have a go at drawing your own?

Here are some comic strip starter ideas if you’re struggling to come up with a new idea.

These ones are rather nice as they follow the theme of kindness…


Watch the Groovy Greeks video and see if you can record your own facts about Ancient Greece.

What surprises you?

What facts did you learn?

Here is a timeline of Ancient Greece, what else could you add to this timeline? Could you create your own timeline? Which part of this topic did you enjoy the most?

If you want to stick to the kindness theme could you create a cartoon strip involving the Greek Gods and their acts of kindness?

Could you create a poster of a Greek God providing advice to the people of Ancient Greece about how they can be kind?


Try one of these quizzes to see what you’ve learnt about Ancient Greece


Shadow Puppet Theatre

Can you create and perform a shadow puppet show based on the theme of kindness?

  1. Tape the box closed then cut a large rectangle from the front and back – leave about a 3cm border around the edge. Save the cardboard you have cut away!
  2. Tape the tissue paper or tissues over the hole on one side only. The side with the tissue faces your audience. The other side is where you, the puppet master, will work your magic!
  3. Draw and cut out your puppets using the leftover cardboard and add a straw or skewer. To make more life-like, you could add hinged body parts with split pins. Just make sure each part has a straw attached.
  4. Set up your room with the audience on one side of the theatre and the lamp on the other. You need to be between the lamp and the theatre but not blocking the light. Now it’s time to time to impress your audience!

Rainbow Paper

What better way to keep up the kindness theme than by using your science skills to create some rainbow paper to give to a friend or put up in your window to cheer up anyone who passes by?

  1. Cut your black paper or card into a small rectangle. Start small until you get the hang of it then you can experiment with bigger pieces!
  2. Fill a bowl with water.
  3. Drop 1 drop of clear nail polish on top of the water.
  4. Quickly dip a piece of black paper into the water and pull it out again.
  5. Leave it a few minutes to dry.

You can also try placing the paper under the water first and then dripping one drop of clear nail polish on top of it. Once the nail polish disperses, it’s safe to pull the paper out of the water, coating it with a thin film of polish.


Doctors and nurses are some of the kindest people in the world! Why not show your appreciation with a snazzy drawing of them?

Seeing a rainbow makes everyone feel happy. You could have a go drawing one and then putting it in your window to make people smile. That would be very kind indeed!


Yoga is a wonderful way to keep your body and mind very healthy. Have a go at this cosmic yoga activity. It is based on Harry Potter so we think you will enjoy it quite a lot!


How many of these acts of kindness can you carry out this week?

We hope you all have a fantastic week at home and that it is packed full of kindness. Stay safe and have plenty of fun! We miss you all lots! From The Year 3 Team x