Parent Questionnaire May 2018

Parent Questionnaire May 2018


Dear Parents and Carers,


Thank you very much for your responses to our annual parental questionnaire; 134 were returned from our families and the responses have been collated and considered by the staff team. The results were significantly positive and are a testament to the teamwork that we – the children, our families and the staff – accomplish together.


100% of you stated that you would recommend the school to another family and that your children are safe and well looked after whilst at Archibald. 99.3% of you are welcomed by the school with 98.5% feel your children are happy, and that our staff know your children well.


Your collective comments regarding what we do well as a school included…

May 2018




Overall results were as follows:



(Percentages rounded by the program)

The staff team work exceptionally hard to provide a full and balanced curriculum, and 99.3% of you are in agreement; whilst literacy, numeracy and phonics are taught predominately every morning each class from Years 1 – 4 has a dedicated session of Spanish, Music, RE, PSHE and handwriting a week; EYFS also have music, handwriting and Spanish taught weekly whilst RE and PSHE are built into their curriculum. All classes from Years 1-4 receive two sessions of PE a week with EYFS taking part in 1 PE session to support their outdoor physical time. Half termly topics ensure that there is a balance of Art, DT, History and Geography over the year making the experiences purposeful by linking them through their topics. Drama features within this and is often part of literacy work too. Science is taught half termly either through topic work or discretely.


The range of clubs on offer continues to expand with Archibald staff and outside providers running these. We aim to provide a wide range, and therefore at the end of the year, we ask the children which clubs they would like to take part in. The support from you all as the PTFA is invaluable regarding visits and visitors. Over the past few years, the PTFA have provided each year group with a donation which they use towards these. The result is a wider access to experiences that enhance the children curriculum experiences. 99.2% of you also recognise the range of activities and visits for your children – thank you!


In terms of keeping you informed of your children’s progress, we do so in a wide variety of ways. Report cards regarding attainment, effort and attitude for years 1-4 go out twice a year, and this year we introduced new report cards for Reception too. We hold a meet the teacher evening for Years 1 – 4 in September, two formal parents’ evenings throughout the year with a final written report issued at the end of the academic year. To support this we also have informal parents’ afternoons which provide the opportunity for parents to spend time with their children in their classrooms and talk with the teachers.
Curriculum booklets, Twitter (@Archibaldfirst), and the news blog on the school website  also update our community about life at Archibald.


With 30 children entering and leaving school at the same time a more personal handover is understandably not feasible. Staff are always willing to talk to you about your child. If you would like to make an appointment with the class teacher please speak to the teacher once they have dismissed their class or contact the school office to make an appointment. Thank you for your support and understanding.


Two statements came through predominately relating to homework and ‘events day’.


Homework continues to be the question which divides opinion and can be seen through the additional comments, ‘more, less, more of a specific subject or less of another…’ As a staff team we will be looking at this ready for September. We always aim to provide a balance of homework and opportunities. The homework provided builds on the work and learning objectives being covered in class – it would not be something which the children have not been taught about before unless provided as an introductory task to a new theme of learning.
The intention of homework is to further support your children’s learning, and it also provides you with an insight into what they are learning in school / the expectations. Projects and ‘You and Me’ books are designed to be completed together as a family experience.


We acknowledge that Archibald is a very busy school; we hold a range of days and events to support curriculum work and charities as well as hosting VIP days for our team winners. We will take on board the frequency of these for the year ahead. A single calendar is in place on the website and this is updated on a regular basis.


Working in partnership with you makes a vital contribution to our school maintaining its Outstanding status.  Your feedback from this questionnaire and comments throughout the year are valued and where ever possible acted upon. Together we can continue to provide the best school experiences for our children.


Best Wishes

The Archibald School Team