Archibald Experience

At Archibald First School we want all of our children to experience enriching visits and visitors linked to their learning. We want all of our children to experience the cultural offer of the North East and to explore the different areas of our locality.

What should all of our children have had the opportunity to experience before they leave Archibald?

We hope that each of our children will have had the opportunity to do the following by the time they leave Archibald at the end of Year 4…

A theatre showThe chance
to compete
To play a musical
Swimming lessonsThe opportunity to
perform in school
To learn a modern
foreign language
Beach visitVisited different places
of worship
Forest School
Local Museum visitA school residentialExplore an Art
Learn to ride a bikeBe inspired by others
in a variety of careers
Visit the local library

These are our plans for 2023-24: