Language of the week


As a school we embrace culture and diversity and are privileged to have children who speak languages other than English. There are in fact 25 different languages spoken by our families!

Starting in January, we introduced Language of the week. Each week we celebrate a different language.  The language is introduced in the Friday’s assembly where we learn where in the world the language is spoken, how many children speak that language in our school and how to say “hello”.

In the following week, the language is displayed in each classroom and all the children have a chance to greet each other during registration in the ‘language of the week’. The language of the week is also shared on X (twitter) if you wish to practice at home.

The children (and staff!) have really enjoy learning the different greetings. It has also been lovely to see children’s faces light up if we are learning ‘their language’.

My aim to cover all the languages spoken by our families by the end of the school year, if I have missed any, please let me know!

Our languages of the week are as follows:

Spring TermSummer Term
15.01.24 Arabic22.04.24 Greek  
22.01.24 Bengali  29.04.24 French  
29.01.24 Italian  06.05.24 Hausa  
05.02.24 Mandarin  13.05.24 Hungarian  
12.02.24 Hindi  20.05.24 Japanese  
26.02.24 Malayalam  10.06.24 Marathi  
04.03.24 Punjabi  17.06.24 Farsi  
11.03.24 Russian  24.06.24 Portuguese  
18.03.24 Telugu  01.07.24 Spanish  
25.03.24 Urdu  08.07.24 Tamil  
 15.07.24 Vietnamese  

Mrs McGurk

English as an additional language coordinator.