The Adventures of Ginny and Lola


This week in Early Years, our resident guinea pigs have been out and about each night enjoying spending time in the Unit.  They have enjoyed painting, playing on the I pads, riding on the tractor and in the car. They even visited Mrs Bayes’ office.

This inspired us in many different ways.

  • The children drew what other adventures they thought Ginny and Lola would get up to.
  • They painted pictures of our guinea pigs.
  • We designed and made ways to keep them in their cage.
  • We wrote rules to Ginny and Lola.
  • We learnt facts about guinea pigs including they can jump and swim!
  • We gave them lots of attention so they were tired at night!


We hope this means they will stay happily in their cage from now on.

We hope that your children have enjoyed their adventures.