Meeting Dates

The dates of the forthcoming Governing Body Meetings are listed below:

Full Governors Meetings

18th September 5.30pm

27th November 5.30pm

11th March 5.30pm

8th July 5.30pm

Governor Safeguarding Training

20th October 17:30pm (Virtual)

Performance Management 

11th October 9.00am

Leadership Support

16th October 5.30pm

12th February 5.30pm

20th May 5.30pm

Finance and Premises

25th September 5.30pm

20th November 5.30pm

22nd January 5.30pm

25th March 5.30pm

13th May 5.30pm

1st July 5.30pm

Teaching and Learning

13th November 5.30pm

5th February 5.30pm

17th June 5.30pm

Governor Opening Mornings 

19th October 9am – 12pm


Attendance and Welfare

6th October 8.00am

8th December 8.00am

16th February 8.00am

26th April 8.00am

28th June 8.00am

The Headteacher and Chair of Governors also have a weekly meeting.