School Teams

The school community has five teams. The team names were selected to highlight significant individuals from history who are local to our school.  

  • Team Cookson – Catherine Cookson 
  • Team Darling – Grace Darling 
  • Team Grey – Earl Grey 
  • Team Stephenson – George Stephenson 
  • Team Swan – Joseph Swan 


Throughout their time at school, the children will learn about the individuals. (EYFSCookson, Darling, Grey, Stephenson and Swan as a brief introduction, Year 1 – Stephenson, Year 2 – Darling, Year 3 – Grey, Year 4 – Swan. All year groups reference Cookson during Book Week). 

Children are awarded team points as a form of reward, praise, encouragement and recognition, with the reasons for these being awarded are linked to the children’s: 


  • Academic achievements 
  • Attitude to learning and life 
  • Good manners 
  • Behaviour 
  • Relationships with others 
  • Awareness of the world around them 
  • Archibald Core Values 


To highlight the community aspect of the teams we: 

  • Host sports days in teams. 
  • Have team days each term where staff plan activities for their teams. 
  • Design team challenges. 


A VIP Day is held at the end of every half term for the winning team. To make this a celebration we: 

  • Invite the children to wear nonuniform. 
  • Host a VIP dinner table with the children coming into the lunch hall first. 
  • Ensure the VIP children in each year group are recognized throughout the day with gestures such as going first in the line, making decisions within the classroom. 

Team Stephenson                  Team Cookson                     Team Grey                                

Stephenson Cookson Grey

          Team Swan                     Team Darling

Swan Darling