Hello from the PTFA Chair

Hello, I’m Anna Glasper, the PTFA Chair for this year.

I’m mum to Joel in year 4 and Ben in year 2 and they really enjoyed helping me with PTFA events, especially selling ice lollies! I have always worked in Fundraising and Event Management so I felt I had a duty to get involved in the PTFA committee! I love being able to use my skills and experience to make sure all the children at Archibald have access to as many fun events and activities as possible.

Other core committee members are:

Philippa Coates – Vice-Chair

Hannah Marshall – Treasurer

Katy Whitehouse – Secretary

Catriona Taylor – Website Lead

We also have class reps who cover all of the year groups and allow us to hopefully connect with as many of you as possible.

The PTFA is fundamentally here to ensure that as much money as possible is raised for our school. Over the years, children have benefited in a number of ways; from the backpack they receive in Reception, enjoying the ice-lollies on the school beach trip, to the Year 4 leaving meal.

We are committed to continuing the success of the PTFA but we can’t do it alone. We rely so much on the support of everyone involved with the school and the wider community to help us out and contribute as much as possible. Whether it’s baking (or buying!) a cake for a bake sale, manning a stall at an event, helping us tidy up afterwards, donating prizes or just coming along and supporting an event.

If you’d like to get involved we have a volunteer WhatsApp group – there’s no commitment when joining the group, opportunities will be shared and you can respond if and when you can help. To join the group please contact your class rep for the invite link.

As well as your time and contribution we would love your feedback – on past events, future events you’d love to see, fundraising ideas or thoughts on how you would like to see the money spent. All feedback is appreciated.

It is your support that really makes the PTFA work. The committee is here to help enable things to happen but the PTFA is much more than the three of us so we look forward to any support you give, big or small.