PTFA School Library

The PTFA run our school library for the children in Years 2 – 4, every Monday lunchtime.

Selecting a library book

Each Monday lunchtime children in years 2, 3 and 4 can choose to look at or check out a book to take home. We have hundreds of fiction and non-fiction books for all reading abilities. Each child has a library account and books are checked out by PTFA volunteers who run the library. Comfy cushions are available so that children can read in the school hall or outside in the playground. The librarians keep a record system of the books taken by each child, how long they are kept for and if they have been returned. Once children have returned their book, they can select a new book. Children can only check-out one book at a time.

Returning the library book 

There is a returns box in the hall so that children can return books anytime in the week. There is no time restriction on how long books can be kept for; all we ask is that books are returned to school when finished for other children to enjoy.

Lost /Damaged books

We fully appreciate that from time to time books do go missing or are damaged. If this happens, please could you inform a class teacher, the school office or the PTFA via A replacement book would be a kind gesture.

Library Helpers
We are always looking for extra help to run the library. Library helpers work on a shift system so do not work every week. If you have some time to give occasionally over Monday lunchtimes, please contact Anna;