Easyfundraising is an online platform (website and app) which allows you to raise money for our PTFA just by doing your online shopping!

To get started, download the app or go to the website and set up a profile at www.easyfundraising.org.uk.

Once you’ve registered, you can set up a donation reminder. This means that whenever you access a shopping website from your phone (a similar reminder can be set up for computers) a reminder will pop up if a donation is available.

Most of the big stores like John Lewis, Marks & Spencer etc will donate up to 3% of what you spend. The small amounts all add up. In just three weeks, someone has raised £12.80.

It’s surprising which on-line shops give donations. One of our volunteers got £2.17 from buying a new tap, and regularly gets £1.50 for each weekly online Sainsbury’s delivery.

Just download the app or go to the website www.easyfundraising.org.uk and set up a profile and you could help the school raise extra funds from your online shopping!

You can read our easyfundraising guide for a quick and simple step by step guide to fundraise for our PTFA while you shop!