History and Geography

Geography and History are primarily taught through an enquiry-based approach. Each half term, the year groups cover a new topic; this is delivered to the children through a key question to promote curiosity and a clear focus for the children’s learning.

Examples of the key questions include:

· What is a hero and who is worth remembering?

· Can disasters have a positive impact?

· What if there was still mining in Gosforth?

Within the topic sessions, children use their skills of being a historian or a geographer to gather evidence which will support them in answering the question set.

The children’s answers and their application of the concepts we have studied will help us to assess their ability as a historian or geographer.

The key concepts are covered across each year group, and these are also progressive throughout the school.


· Location and Place

· Cause and Effect

· Change

· Planning and Decision Making


· Chronology, Change and Continuity

· Cause and Consequence

· Historical Significance

· Using Evidence

Local links to Gosforth, Newcastle and the Northeast are incorporated across the topics.