MFL is an exciting and enriching subject in the curriculum It brings together creativity and uses a variety of teaching methods to engage and stretch children. 

At Archibald, Señora Dunlop teaches a weekly Spanish session to each class from Year 1 to Year 4. The staff in EYFS deliver sessions to the children within the unit. The children learn Spanish through songs, games and conversation which in turn helps them to recognise written words. Our oldest children are also learning to write in Spanish when they are ready!

Our young learners of Spanish gain confidence and curiosity of languages and cultures different to their own which will be something they can build on in later learning.

Click on our International Links page and on our Awards page to find out more about MFL at Archibald.

Languages at Archibald

Did you know that (as of September 2023) there are at least 74 children within our school community who speak English and at least one other language?

In fact, we have 28 different languages spoken by our school community!

We would love to celebrate all of these languages. Please encourage the children to share words & phrases with their friends.

Let’s communicate together!