At Archibald First School, we believe that our children can become courageous leaders whilst promoting a healthy active lifestyle. Children are entitled to 2 PE sessions a week and within these lessons, fun and positive experiences are created with an enticing curriculum.

Throughout the year, children in Years 1 – 4 will be taught an array of skills in the following 5 areas which coincide with the National Curriculum:

· Games (Striking and fielding, Target and Invasion games)

· Outdoor adventurous activities (OAA)

· Gymnastics

· Dance

· Athletics

Early Years Foundation Stage

Children in Early years will be provided with a range of opportunities which enables the children to develop physically, mentally and emotionally. The children will have constant access to a wide range of facilities and equipment to help develop their physical and communicative skills. As well as having the chance to play, children in reception follow a more structured PE lesson which enables them to develop their gross and fine motor skills.

Key stage 1 and 2

Throughout years 1 to 4, children are introduced to a wide range of sporting activities to help develop key fundamental movement skills such as running and jumping, throwing and catching and balance, agility and coordination. As well as developing these skills, children are encouraged within the lessons to participate in competitive games with an idea of how to attack and defend, developing an understanding of rules and also, gain sportsmanship and respect between each other.


Within the school year, Archibald thrives off providing the children with an array of opportunities which enables the children to gain positive experiences of PE. Therefore, within our school, there are a number of ways we succeed in doing this such as:

· Lunchtime clubs

· Afterschool clubs

· Breakfast clubs

· External expert coaches

· Teacher Professional Development

· Intra and inter school competitions

· Wellness Week

PE Funding

Information about our PE funding can be found here.