Below is a list of the homework that the children at Archibald will receive in each of the different year groups in 2023-24.

EYFS: Nursery Children

  • Fortnightly You and Me task
  • Fortnightly Reading Bag
  • Maths Monkey

 EYFS: Reception Children

  • Letter Sounds and Keywords
  • Reading Books: Looking at the pictures and talking about what is happening is a great way to start reading!
  • Fortnightly You and Me task
  • Fortnightly Maths Challenge
  • Handwriting books

Years 1 – 4:

  • Reading Books
  • Weekly Maths homework
  • Weekly spellings/spelling patterns
  • Handwriting books as appropriate

Years 1 and 2

  • Numbots

Years 2, 3 and 4

  • Times Table Rockstars

Years 3 and 4

  • A half termly research project or task linked to the topic work

Homework Letters

EYFS Homework 2023-24

Year 1 Homework 2023-24

Year 2 Homework 2023-24

Year 3 and Year 4 Homework 2023-24

Reading at Archibald Reception to Year 4 2023

Homework Email Address

We have an email address for all families to use to send homework projects into school.

The email address is used to open the projects in school for your child to share with their class. Please ensure that the title of the email clearly states your child’s class and name.


Homework Information

Seesaw Help Sheet

Multiplication Years 2 3 and 4

Year 1 Common Words non cursive

100 high frequency words non cursive

Year 2 Common Words non cursive

Year 3 and 4 Cursive Words

Important information:

  • Please note that we will not be able to print out any projects; this is solely for accessing them electronically.
  • The email address will not be used for any means of correspondence other than opening homework projects.
  • The admin address is not available for homework projects.
  • We are unable to open any projects sent in on a memory stick.

We hope that the curriculum booklets also inform you about what the children are to be learning about each half term and provide you with weblinks that can be accessed from home to support the children’s learning. These are sent out with the children at the beginning of the half term and can also be found on the website via the Key Stage pages.

More information will follow from the class teachers.