We take great pride in our school uniform and hope that you will join us in this. Children, like the staff, are asked to dress smartly for school.

The school has a uniform of red sweatshirts/cardigans, plain navy trousers, navy pinafores or skirts with white polo shirts. Red and white checked / gingham summer school dresses may be worn in the warmer months. Leggings, jeans, shorts under dresses, striped tracksuit bottoms or combat trousers are not allowed.

Nursery children wear a blue sweatshirt and blue polo shirt.

School shoes should be plain and dark in colour, appropriate to the age of the children and provide adequate protection for your child’s feet. Plain trainers, multicoloured trainers and football shoes are not allowed.

All children need a plain red school t-shirt and royal blue PE shorts for PE along with suitable footwear for sports. A school PE hoodie can be purchased but this is optional.  Football kits, other hoodies and general sportswear are not permitted.

Only the wearing of stud earrings and a watch is acceptable in school. Earrings must be removed on PE days.

The Governing Body will accept no responsibility for injury caused by a child wearing any jewellery. Staff can not be responsible for the removal and replacement of earrings etc. The school will not be held responsible for the loss of any jewellery on school premises.

Please note that children with long hair should make sure it is tied back for health and safety reasons during PE lessons. Only simple and plain hair bands and bobbles should be worn.


Every child in Reception is presented with a school bookbag as a gift from the PTFA on their first day. Children joining us in Years 1 to 4 also receive his gift.

Logos and providers

From September 2023, all sweatshirts/cardigans and the PE T-shirt should have the Archibald logo on. The logo brings us together as a school and shows the community to which we all belong.

All other uniform items – shorts, skirts, pinafores, trousers, PE shorts, PE tracksuit bottoms/leggings (plain navy), coats, t shirts, socks and tights can still be purchased from any school-wear provider on the high street or in supermarkets. In addition, all of these items can continue to be passed on for years to come in families and through our uniform swap shops.

Branded uniform with the school logo on can be purchased from Tots to Teams at Kingston Park or from Ciel School Uniform on Gosforth High Street. Ciel School Uniform will also embroider our logo onto  school wear purchased via supermarkets or the high street. They also have iron on badges for sale.


We will hold regular uniform swap shops throughout the school year where uniform can be taken. There is no charge for the uniform, however, a small donation is always gratefully received.

We also encourage families to share uniform for Gosforth Junior Academy when older siblings outgrow their uniform.

To facilitate uniform swapping in between the official school swap shops, families can also join the ‘Archibald Exchange’ Facebook group which is run by parents. Please note that the school is not involved with this.

If you need something in between the swap shops, please contact the school office and we will look into the swap shop stock that we have in school.

Helping Hands

School will continue to support families who may need help with replacing uniform. Please get in touch with us at the school office and we will endeavour to help where possible. Any conversations are always treated confidentially.

Community Awareness

Excess uniform and uniform that we cannot swap or will be either donated to schools in Newcastle where we know that families cannot survive due to cost of day to day living or donated to the Community Clothing bank.

We will  offer uniform direct to these schools/facility for free. This includes school shoes, so please consider keeping these for our swap shops.

As we also have families in this position, we will continue to discretely pass uniform on to those who are in need.

Please take a few minutes to read our AFS Uniform Policy 2022